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  • 5 Unusual Stay Options When You Are Bored Of Hotels
    Published on March 18, 2019 by Shubhi Dixit

    The major budget of travelling goes in tickets and accommodation. Hotels at popular tourist destinations are often so expensive that the prices leave a huge dent in your wallet. The true travel fanatics who are unafraid to experiment with new & interesting stay options have more than just hotels to check in the next time they are travelling. Read on to find out our top 5 picks to make your stay much more amazing & memorable:




    People often rent out the spare rooms in their houses or often a few floors in case of big bungalows to tourists. These houses have a chilled-out homely vibe and are easy on pocket. Adventurous travelers may get a chance to interact with the locals, try out their authentic cuisines, and learn about the destination straight from the natives.





    There are several hostels opening up in India as well as abroad. These quirky places to stay offer community vibes where you have the freedom to meet like-minded people, share travel stories and even cook together. Especially if you are travelling alone, hostels are the right place to find like-minded company and make your trip more interesting.


    Religious Housings



    There are several convents, temples and monasteries that have a lot of accommodation space available. These places often have minimum charges and provide just the basic facilities. For the travelers who do not want to indulge in five-star hotel luxuries and want to spend their time exploring the city, considering a dharamshala or a religious stay can be a good choice.


    Academic Housing



    If you are looking to save money and do not need many amenities and facilities during your stay, college dorms or academic housing could be a good idea. During the summer vacations when the students are not staying, a big group can book the whole place to itself for fairly economic rates.


    Farm Stays



    While such stays are particularly common in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, the concept is fast catching up in India too. It is a good way to take a break from the cement and chemical lifestyle of metro cities and unwind close to the nature in open spaces.


    While every new thing possesses a certain kind of thrill, with smart decisions and safety measures, one can get to see a new place in a whole new light. Have more innovation ideas to make travel & stay memorable for tourists? Consider a career in Travel & Tourism!


    Take this course in tourism to learn how to do it like a total pro!

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