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  • Common Customer Complaints In The Hospitality Industry & The Tricks To Handle Them
    Published on October 29, 2018 by Shubhi Dixit

    Tricks to handle hospitality industry


    The hospitality industry comes with several perks such as employee discounts, stay benefits, luxurious workplaces, opportunities to meet and interact with new people, and many more.

    However, like every other industry, working in this industry also has its own set of challenges. The industry demands constant customer interaction and dealing with reasonable-unreasonable problems. These issues often root from some odd situations that a skilled professional should be equipped to deal with efficiently.


    Here are some commonly faced customer complaints and tips on how to solve them:


    Complaint 1: The staff is not attitude and behaviour is not good enough!


    A good hospitality professional knows that the customer needs assurance that this problem will be looked into and the staff will undergo better training so that the issue is not repeated. Stay calm and hear the customer out. If the complaint is valid, take necessary action against the staff. In case of futile complaints, make sure your assurance is convincing.


    Complaint 2: Why must I pay extra for additional services, facilities and utilities?


    Customers who do not know the hotel policy often raise this issue. As a professional, handle it by politely explaining the rules and regulations covering this aspect. At any point, do not let the matter get out of hand. Keep the conversation light and promotional for the hotel. Managers should be good at explaining the customers various perks they get with additional charges.


    Complaint 3: Why can I not get Wi-Fi in my room?


    Several hotels, especially in the popular tourist destinations, have a separate Wi-Fi lounge where the network is strong. As a hotel executive and manager, patiently explain hotel policies to the customers. Brief them about the network strength in the property and the internet charges applicable. It is one of the most recurring problems, so you need to be prepared to deal with it all the time.


    Handling difficult customers is a skill that is highly valued in the tourism and hospitality sector. Think you have got what it takes? Check out some interesting courses that can lead you to your career in hospitality.



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Tricks to handle hospitality industry

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