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Aptech Aviation Academy offers you the latest course material, high-quality learning aids and specially trained faculty to conduct its courses.   

Also, you get the benefits of Onlinevarsity, an exclusive learning app for Aptech students. Ask questions, collaborate with tutors, access interactive e-books & more!


Besides the regular classroom study materials, you will also benefit from fun practical sessions that will give you an experience of real-life situations, and make learning more interesting.


Teaching methodology

Our teaching methodology uses multiple tools of learning.

  • Education & training with Aptech

    Study guide for students

  • Reference material at Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy

    Reference material for faculty

  • Mock interview sessions

    Interview kits for students to prepare better for job interviews

Student benefits

Our students benefit from organised, effective methods of teaching and practical sessions.

  • We follow a 3-step method of theory, classroom practical and practical exercises to ensure that every part of the lesson remains in the student’s memory. Technologies related to aviation, fares & ticketing and load & trim are taught in such a way that students can easily remember what to do when faced with a similar situation on the job.

  • Our method takes away the pressure to learn. Students automatically develop their knowledge through fun learning experiences in the classroom and outside.

  • We maintain high standards of vocational skill training at every Aptech Aviation Academy centre across the globe. Each lesson is taught in the same method irrespective of your location.

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