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  • Top 5 Alternatives to Cabin Crew Jobs in the Aviation Industry
    Published on October 09, 2018 by Shubhi Dixit

    While careers in Aviation Industry are primarily represented by the very glamorous & ambitious Cabin Crew jobs, there several other career opportunities as well that are equally promising.

    To keep the industry going & booming, it takes an army of professionals to ensure its seamless functioning. Countless essential tasks are performed by the hard-working crew that function as the backbone of the aviation industry.

    Here are the top five career opportunities in the aviation industry that one can do without having to be a Cabin Crew member:


    Load & Trim Officer

    Aircrafts are powerful yet delicate machines and there is a lot of intelligent calculation that goes behind how cargo management is done in the flights. A Load & Trim Officer weighs and balances cargo, passengers’ bags & mails carried in the aircraft. The officer issues loading instructions & load sheet and adheres to the regulatory requirements to maintain cargo & passenger safety.


    Customer Service Manager

    A Customer Service Manager performs the crucial task of dealing with the customers and ensuring that they board the flight hassle-free. The Manager also intervenes in conflicting situations and offers an acceptable solution to the problem. The job requires them to be alert, patient and smart while maintaining a calm composure. At higher levels, the manager trains the team and leads these processes.


    Passenger Handling Executive

    Smooth check-in is a Passenger Handling Executive’s pride. The executives are expert in luggage transfer, ticket services, baggage claims, among many other responsibilities. If you have a seamless experience in the flight, the passenger handling team has a major contribution to it in all probabilities.

    In-Flight Services & Security Personnel

    This job is well-suited to people with sharp analytical skills and the ability to notice what others might miss. In-Flight Service & Security Personnel deal with hazard identification, risk management, occurrence reporting, and safety assurance.


    Fares & Ticketing In-Charge

    This profile is for the people perfect in planning & executing. The Fares & Ticketing In-Charge books and confirms reservation for passengers, and issues them tickets. They are well prepared to answer questions about itineraries and fares, preparing invoice and managing last minute reservation and cancelations.


    If these job profiles and the responsibilities sound exciting to you, then a career in Aviation Industry might be a fruitful decision for you. Get what is takes be successful in the industry. Pursue a course that gives you the opportunity to be an Aviation professional. Learn about the available courses here and buckle up your seat belts to reach new heights. 

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