Aptech Certified Cabin Crew Professional

The Cabin Crew Professional course prepares you for a high-flying career in the aviation industry. On completing this course, you can choose to work with a domestic or an international airline of your choice.

Aptech Certified Cabin Crew Professional

This is a 3-month course. To know more about the course modules, contact your nearest Aptech center today.

Course covers The Cabin Crew Professional

The Cabin Crew Professional course is a fun, exciting program that combines a lot of practical learning with classroom lessons. You will get a chance to practice with your friends & classmates and develop the right skills through close interaction with the faculty. During these 3 months you will receive complete training in:

Presentation & communication skills:

As a cabin crew member, it is your responsibility to provide excellent customer service to passengers and ensure their comfort and safety throughout the flight. It is essential to have a pleasant personality and good communication skills to make sure that passenger needs and requirements are properly understood.

Our course trains you to improve your presentation and communication skills so that you can meet passenger requirements successfully.

Grooming, health & nutrition, poise & grace:

It is the cabin crew’s responsibility to ensure that emergency equipments are working properly and that there are enough supplies on a flight. They also help passengers to board the plane, serve refreshments and meals, and administer first aid in case of emergencies.

Our course trains you in health and nutrition related topics. We also help you improve your poise and grace so that you can handle emergencies in a calm manner and assure passengers in critical situations.

Airlines also demand high levels of personal grooming from cabin crew members like appropriate use of cosmetics and thorough personal hygiene. We help you meet these high standards and achieve a successful career.

Soft skills:

Cabin crew members are responsible for ensuring a pleasant flying experience, especially during long-haul flights, and with passengers with special requirements. These situations require you to deal with them in a calm, patient and empathetic manner.

The Cabin Crew Professional course will help you improve your soft skills so that you can successfully and easily deal with special requirements and situations.

Aviation industry:

As part of the dynamic aviation industry, it is important to know and understand the functioning and requirements of the entire industry and the lifecycle of a passenger’s journey, from the moment he/she steps into the airport to the time they reach their destination.

Our course gives you an overview of the entire process so that you can handle customer queries and ensure a safe and smooth flight.

Mock interview sessions:

Our course provides you complete theoretical knowledge and practical experience through role-play and mock sessions. Regular counselling and mock sessions are conducted so that you can give your best at the interview and make a high-flying career with a domestic or international airline of your choice.


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How to join/eligibility

To join this career-building course, you need A-level pass in any stream.
The average height requirement ranges between 5 ft. 2 in. to 6ft. 3 in. and the weight should be in proportion to the height.
As the job role includes taking care of passengers at all times, it is essential to have a friendly personality, and good communication skills with proficiency in English.


Course highlights
  • Get complete knowledge of the aviation industry
  • Industry seminars and real life examples for practical training
  • Regular training sessions as per international standards
  • Gain skills in multiple sectors of the aviation industry & improve your career prospects

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Being a pilot or an air hostess gives you the opportunity to travel the world and meet a variety of people. It is the responsibility of the cabin crew to ensure safe and smooth transportation of passengers, goods and cargo.

As per the World Bank, Ghana witnessed approximately 40 percent growth in airline passenger year-on-year, the number increasing from 383,414 people in 2011 to 532,748 people in 2012. This amount of growth would lead to an increased demand for trained cabin crew professionals across domestic and international airlines operating in the country. This is your opportunity to join the growing number of professionals in this dynamic industry by receiving the right training and career guidance.

Job opportunities

On completing the Cabin Crew Professional course, you can join as a cabin crew member in any domestic or international airlines of your choice. Currently there are a number of domestic and international airlines that fly to and from Ghana on a regular basis. These include:


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